Brake Proportioning Valve Bleeder Tool Suitable for PV2 PV4 DISC/DRUM Brake Proportioning Valve Bleeder Tool for AC Delco 172-1353 172-1371

  • Disc/Disc and Disc/Drum PV2, Disc/Disc and Disck/Drum PV4
  • 172-1353, 172-1371
  • Non-adjustable GM combination valves/combo valves
  • Used with your CPP proportioning valves
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  • Replace for AC Delco 172-1353, 172-1371
  • Fitment for Non-adjustable GM type combination proporting valve bleeder tool
  • It’s used for lock the low pressure exhaust valve to allow fast and easy brake system bleeding on PV2/PV4 brake Proportioning Valve
  • High quality and durable material with long time using .